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Case Study: Kentucky Eagle

The building is about 90,000 square feet (8,361 square meters) bigger than our old building, yet my utility bills are about the same. What does that say? I absolutely endorse Big Ass Fans. Anne Bakhaus McBrayer, President

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A major beverage distributor and wholesaler since 1948, Kentucky Eagle needed more space for its expanded product line. The company made the leap from an undersized facility to a 190,000-sq-ft (17,561-sq-m) LEED® Silver certified distribution center. However, the increase in size led to a comfort problem. Meeting spaces were stuffy, especially when packed with all 180 employees. Meanwhile, the packing area was too hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Kentucky Eagle needed an energy-efficient solution for employee comfort.


Two 12-ft (3.6-m) diameter Big Ass Fans silently and stylishly circulate air, providing more than enough breeze for large groups of employees. Two additional 20-ft (6-m) diameter Big Ass Fans® installed in the packing area create uniform air temperatures and provide a cooling breeze to employees loading and unloading trucks. The fans also clear exhaust fumes, making the area a more pleasant place to work overall. They help the company cut costs and maintain its LEED Silver status at a fraction of the power of expensive HVAC.

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