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Case Study: K. Cook Korean BBQ Buffet

The Big Ass Fans have done a great job cooling the space and dissipating the food smell that would linger on customer's clothes, giving them a more enjoyable dining experience overall. Kim Tae Hee, Owner

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In the tropical climate of Singapore, running a restaurant takes energy and dedication. The K. COOK Korean BBQ Buffet faced an added challenge: heat from the mini-gas stoves used in preparing the barbecued meats raised temperatures to uncomfortable levels. But air conditioning wasn’t an option because it would cool the food too quickly, compromising the taste. The restaurant owner needed to find a different way to cool the space that wouldn’t affect diners’ enjoyment of their meals, and might also alleviate the problem of cooking smells lingering on customers’ clothes.


To get the air circulating inside his restaurant, owner Kim Tae Hee chose two 14-ft. Powerfoil®X fans from Big Ass Fans®. The fans’ powerful, steady movement creates a noticeable cooling effect for diners without affecting the heat of the barbecue. The entire restaurant now has a uniform, comfortable temperature, and the aromas from the cooking meat are dispersed evenly, enhancing customers’ enjoyment of the meal but not clinging to their clothes afterward. And as an added benefit, the fans’ size and distinctive logo make them an entertaining topic of conversation.

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