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Case Study: Jim Beam Brands Distribution

It’s such a large facility, and we have so much product in the facility, it was really hard to have solid air movement. Big Ass Fans solved our problems. Mike Spencer, shipping manager

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Employees were having a difficult time getting airflow in a 100,000 sq. ft. (9,290.3 sq. m.) Jim Beam Brands shipping and distribution center stacked high with products. The humid climate also challenged the integrity of the company’s corrugated cardboard shipping containers.


Jim Beam Brands added 24-foot (7.3-m) diameter Powerfoil®X fans from Big Ass Fans® to keep the facility’s air movement as smooth as its bourbon.


Employing the ingenuity of large diameter, low speed fan technology, facility managers are able to reduce localized moisture issues, regulate temperatures and provide a more comfortable environment for their employees. In warmer months, large diameter, low speed fans improve employee comfort through increased air movement. With the fans operating at 60 percent to full speed, the additional air movement creates a cooling sensation. Research has shown that employee comfort translates into safer and happier workers, greater productivity and less turnover.

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