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Case Study: Golf Academy Improves Lessons with Big Ass Light

We knew the Big Ass Light Fixtures would be good, and they are. I'd recommend them to any athletic training facility. Larry Ward, Owner

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High Performance Golf Academy is a full-service facility that offers individual and group lessons, club fittings, repairs — basically everything a golfer needs to improve his or her game. The academy uses covered instruction bays with garage doors that open when golfers are practicing. But the T-8 fluorescent light fixtures had to be mounted directly above the golfer, which required expensive custom doors that wouldn’t crash into the delicate bulbs. The fluorescents were also costly to operate and produced mediocre light, hampering the videos they make to help with their lessons.


When the academy prepared to add a second building, owner Larry Ward wanted different fixtures. He had Big Ass Light’s powerful High Bay LEDs installed in each instruction bay and the putting area. With Big Ass Light’s 360-degree mounts, the fixtures illuminate the golfers without hanging directly over them, meaning Ward saved dramatically on the cost of doors. The fixtures’ are more energy efficient and longer-lived. But what Ward likes best is the improved light quality: “The high-speed videos we shoot are only as good as the lighting, and Big Ass Lights make every frame look great.”

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