Shanghai, China

Case Study: The High No. 1 Hotpot Restaurant

Essence is the best solution for every hotpot restaurant. We'll use it year-round because of its energy efficiency and strong, silent performance Yulian Huang, Owner

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When your restaurant’s specialty is a lip-tingling concoction that can include anything from chicken and beef to shrimp and squid, good air circulation is a must. Just ask the owner of The High No. 1 Hotpot Restaurant in Shanghai, China. “The strong smell from the dish can stick to clothes and get in the hair,” Mr. Yuliang Huang says. It was the biggest impediment to his customers enjoying the very popular dish. Air conditioning was expensive, not environmentally friendly and distracting, and, in fact, wasn’t strong enough to clear the air. Mr. Huang knew he had to search elsewhere for a solution.


After hearing of Big Ass Fans® from a friend, Mr. Huang chose an 8-ft. (2.4-m) energy-saving Essence® to match his restaurant’s modern design. The fan immediately made an impact, he says. Both staff and customers are complimentary of its appearance and the comfortable breeze it creates, without making a sound. The air now circulates into every corner of the restaurant, and the smell of hotpot – so enticing on the table – no longer permeates diners’ clothes or hair.

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