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Case Study: Herd of Horses keeps cool with Haiku

The fans look great. I love the big ones in the breezeway and the smaller ones over the stalls are very effective. Barbara Andrews, Owner, Racy Gracy Stables

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In Central Florida, it’s not easy being a horse or a horse owner in summer. With no A/C in the stables, it can get uncomfortable and stay that way for months. For certain breeds, spending the season in the paddock isn’t always an option, and owners and visitors still need to go in and out constantly for supplies and maintenance. At Racy Gracy stables in Lakeland, small box fans weren’t up to cooling the space when temperatures routinely rose above 90°F (32°C). Owner Barbara Andrews needed a better way to keep her herd of 25 horses, her visitors and herself comfortable.


The addition of 11 Haiku® fans — four 84-in fans for the center breezeway and seven 60-in fans over the stalls — has resolved Andrews’ and her horses’ comfort issues. “They’re very pretty and very functional,” Andrews said. “Now it’s comfortable in the stables even when it’s 95°F (35°C) outside.” The air movement from the Haiku fans also discourages flying insects without making a racket like noisy box fans. The stable is now a serene and attractive environment that both Andrews’ retired racehorses and her Derby Day party guests can enjoy.

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