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Case Study: Hangar 25 – Bob Hope Airport

Heating and cooling with traditional HVAC systems is very energy intensive and therefore creates a larger carbon footprint. Big Ass Fans mitigate that problem and ventilate and cool in a way that saves a lot of money and energy. The fans lower the effective temperature by 10-20 degrees and also reduce bird habitation in the hangar. Becca Frucht, Business Acquisition Manager

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The world’s first LEED® Platinum aviation hangar needed to address issues regarding temperature consistency and bird habitation. Due to the hangar’s high ceiling and large interior, heating and cooling were key challenges for the solar-powered space. Hangar 25 needed an energy efficient cooling method that could effectively circulate air over and around the aircraft in the 51,000 sq. ft. dome-shaped structure.


Hangar 25 installed seven 24-ft. (7.3m) Powerfoil®Plus fans, each operating on the building’s solar power. The increased air circulation provided by the Big Ass Fans® creates consistent, comfortable temperatures in Hangar 25 year round. In the colder months, the fan speed is slowed to circulate heat that collects at the ceiling level, keeping occupants comfortable and minimizing heating costs. During the warm California summers, Big Ass Fans distribute gentle columns of air, creating unobtrusive breezes that make occupants feel cooler.

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