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Case Study: Greenwood Ford Lincoln

  • Greenwood Ford Lincoln with Powerfoil 8 and High Bay Light
  • Greenwood Ford Lincoln with Powerfoil 8 and High Bay Light
Big Ass Fans handled the total sales, delivery, installation - everything, which let us concentrate on our business, rather than trying to line up subcontractors. Tony Sadler, Parts & Services Director

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Technicians at Greenwood Ford Lincoln were losing steam in a shop that was barely temperature controlled. Seventeen employees sweltered when temperatures measured as high as 128°F (53.3°C) in the facility’s service drive during the summer. Noisy pedestal fans provided relief to only one technician at a time and cluttered the shop floor, creating trip hazards. In winter the building took hours to warm up, reaching 70°F (21.1°C) at 3 PM, just hours before technicians headed home. With productivity suffering, the shop needed an energy-efficient solution for year-round comfort and safety.


Greenwood Ford Lincoln worked with Big Ass Fans® to install four Powerfoil®8 fans, which make the shop more comfortable year round. In summer, the Big Ass Fans produce facility-wide airflow, eliminating the need for noisy pedestal fans and providing up to 10°F (5.4°C) perceived cooling to all employees at once. In winter, the fans mix warm and cold air, reducing the time it takes to heat the facility, as well as its natural gas use. The fans have been a boon for productivity.

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