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Case Study: Graveyard Carz

Big Ass Fans are a phenomenal asset. Just a breeze changes your attitude in a hot, sweaty shop. They make you more effective and cut your day in half. I wouldn't come to work without Big Ass Fans. We're so happy with everything. Mark Worman, Executive Producer, Graveyard Carz

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Mark Worman, shop owner and executive producer of Velocity’s Graveyard Carz, recently moved his business into a renovated 22,000-sq-ft (2,044-sq-m) building, which includes machine, paint and assembly shops where his team restores classic muscle cars. Transforming rusted hulls into gleaming, road-ready automobiles is labor-intensive, and productivity in the shop ties directly to employee comfort. “The shop is a sweat box in the summer and a freezer in the winter,” Worman said. The Graveyard Carz crew needed a way to keep comfortable year round.


An Essence®, Powerfoil®X2.0, and two Yellow Jacket® fans from Big Ass Fans® keep the Graveyard Carz team comfortable and productive year-round. Since Worman more than doubled the size of his shop, he expected soaring energy bills. Instead, the Big Ass Fans lowered his bills. “I was prepared for a $1,500 per month bill, but we haven’t seen half of that,” said Worman. Meanwhile, the Yellow Jackets offer more than just a cooling breeze. Worman uses them to blow fumes and Bondo dust out of the shop, keeping workspaces clean and the air clear.

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