Cairns, Australia

Case Study: Gilligan’s Backpackers/Rusty’s Markets

It makes good business sense for us to keep our customers as comfortable as possible. They even come here because they know we have a cool, well ventilated, comfortable space for them to hang out in. Mark Smith, Manager

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In the tropical climate of Cairns, serious air movement is a must — especially in busy restaurants and nightclubs like Gilligan’s. With up to 2,000 customers crowding into the popular hangout on any given night, the place got hot and stuffy, even in winter months. As a result, the location used A/C year-round, with frustrating results. “Air con didn’t move a lot of air around,” Gilligan’s manager Mark Smith said. “Oftentimes, the cold air would very quickly disappear out the doors.” Suffering from the heat, humidity and high energy bills, the nightclub began searching for a more efficient cooling solution.


Smith found the solution in Essence® and Powerfoil®X2.0 by Big Ass Fans®. The large-diameter fans keep the air circulating throughout the space, indoors and out. Not only do the fans operate silently, but they keep people incredibly cool, meaning they stay longer, come more often and generate more sales. After so much success at the nightclub, Smith decided to incorporate Big Ass Fans into Rusty’s Markets next door. Now 28 Essence fans keep shoppers comfortable as they browse the iconic market.

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