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Case Study: Get Air Poway

People often comment on how big the fans are, but also how well they work. The air doesn't get stagnant, and that makes a big difference. Deborah Robey, Park General Manager

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Get Air Poway is more than just a trampoline park. With dodgeball, basketball, obstacle courses, foam pits and more, it’s a multi-purpose space that encourages having fun and exercising vigorously. Jumping, spinning and bouncing patrons generate a lot of heat, however, and need big-time airflow to keep cool. When the Poway location was under construction, Get Air knew the trampoline area, a 12,000 sq-ft space with no windows, had the potential to become a stifling mixture of heat and moisture unless there was an effective way to move air in the facility.


Get Air Poway looked to Big Ass Fans® to provide a solution that kept its customers cool while they caught big air. Two 24-ft Powerfoil®X fans gave Get Air Poway the cooling power needed, Park General Manager Deborah Robey said. “It’s really nice to have the fans. Customers are here engaging in physical activity, so they get quite hot. But the fans keep them cool. They make Get Air Poway more comfortable for our customers.” The two PFX fans improve more than just thermal comfort, too: Robey said that Get Air Poway has no problem with the sweaty, smelly air that plagues other trampoline parks.

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