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Case Study: George Mason University

The fans tie nicely into the university's green initiatives; they put the air in motion and eliminated drafty conditions. Our Big Ass Fans make us say 'wow'. Jim Heffel, Aquatics & Safety Coordinator

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With 30 foot (9.1m) ceilings in its natatorium, George Mason University’s Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center struggled to maintain consistent temperatures. A lack of air circulation rendered the facility uncomfortably warm. Additionally, a chloramine buildup at the pool surface was problematic, and air movement appeared the only viable solution.


George Mason University installed two 24-ft. (7.3m) Powerfoil®X Plus fans in its natatorium to combat air movement issues and aid in the ventilation effectiveness of the HVAC system. The large volume of air movement generated by Big Ass Fans® eliminated the hot spots that plagued the once-stuffy natatorium. University representatives also believe the fans have pushed the chloramine-laden air through the ventilation system, creating a healthier atmosphere for swimmers. And in the colder months, Big Ass Fans can reduce heating costs by up to 30% by slowly recirculating hot air that rises to the ceiling.

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