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  • Edge Fitness with Powerfoil
  • Edge Fitness with Powerfoil
Due to the Big Ass Fans, people definitely look forward to coming in to our clubs. They keep the space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The fans have become a signature point for our brand. Vinny Sansone, President

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With over 13 locations across the state of Connecticut, Edge Fitness Club offers a premiere workout experience. From equipment to workout spaces, the club strives to offer the best of the best to its members. But lack of proper air circulation made it difficult to maintain a uniform temperature across the club’s facilities. “We have good HVAC systems, but would get hot and cold zones,” President Vinny Sansone said. The club attempted to mix the air with small pedestal fans, but found they had very little impact on the facility’s comfort.


After serious research, Edge Fitness resolved the problem with Big Ass Fans®. Large Powerfoil® and Essence® fans cool the main workout floors, while smaller Haiku® fans spin in the women’s areas. “People can’t believe how much air they move,” Sansone said. “They’re also incredibly quiet, which is crucial for keeping noise at a minimum.” The fans keep guests feeling up to 10°F (5.6°C ) cooler, and have become statement pieces across the club’s locations. “They’re customized in our colors and serve as a brand element for us,” Sansone said.

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