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Case Study: Eade Fitness 24/7

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The Haiku fans are especially helpful in the winter. I look at the thermostat, but it hardly ever calls for heat. The fans keep the rooms consistently at 68°F TO 72°F (20°C TO 22°C). It's much more comfortable. Paul Eade, Owner

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Eade Fitness 24/7 needed a solution for member comfort and energy efficiency when it opened a new 2,000-sq-ft (186-sq-m) free weight area. Members working out in the 4,000-sq-ft (371.6-sq-m) cardio room were cooled down by a 14-ft (4.2m) Big Ass Fan for years, but the new space was too narrow for such a large fan. Portable fans used too much energy, provided little airflow and cluttered up the place. Eade Fitness wanted overhead, energy-efficient fans that didn’t create tripping hazards.


Paul Eade, owner, selected three white, matrix-composite Haiku® fans by Big Ass Fans® for installation in the gym. Spanning 60 inches (1.5m), Haiku brings Big Ass® airflow to smaller spaces with lower ceilings. By relying on the fans, rather than expensive heaters and air conditioning, Eade drastically cut his power consumption. The Big Ass Fans recirculate warm air in the winter and provide airflow for comfort in the facility year round.

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