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Big Ass Fans are the complete package. They're energy efficient, whisper quiet and they look great. They work so well we rarely have to turn them up past 25 percent speed. Mike Messick, Project Manager

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Top green builder DPR Construction specializes in creating energy-efficient office spaces, but its own office in San Francisco – typical leased space in a high-rise – was anything but green. The company chose to move into a new office that embodied its core values, but no existing spaces in the city met its stringent requirements. To prove green renovations are cost- effective, DPR leased a two-story building and set out to renovate it into the greenest net-zero office in San Francisco. Among the hurdles faced by the firm was a need to keep employees comfortable without relying solely on energy-intensive HVAC.


DPR turned to Big Ass Fans®, which previously installed energy-efficient ceiling fans in the company’s Phoenix and San Diego offices. DPR selected 10 Essence® and four Haiku® fans to work in tandem with an energy- efficient HVAC system. Gentle breezes provide up to a 10°F (5.5°C) cooling effect using a fraction of the energy of air-conditioning. The fans also distribute heated air quickly and efficiently after overnight temperatures dip, allowing the firm to run the heaters for just a few minutes in the morning. This progressive comfort solution contributes to DPR’s pursuit of LEED® Platinum and net-zero certifications.

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