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Case Study: Dondelinger Chevrolet

  • Dondelinger Chevrolet with Essence
The Essence fans in our showroom keep the space warm in the winter and they look cool. When we installed the first Essence, it was -28°F outside and the side of the showroom with the fan felt so much warmer than the side without. You could walk through and immediately feel the difference. DJ Dondelinger, Owner

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Winters in Baxter, MN, are just plain cold. The city’s average daily lows in January hover at -4°F (-20°C). When it came time for Dondelinger Chevrolet to build a new facility, this family-owned dealership sought a way to reduce their winter heating costs by recirculating heat within the space.


Dondelinger Chevrolet installed four Big Ass Fans® throughout the new facility, including two custom-painted 12-ft (3.6-m) diameter Essence® fans in the main showroom. These fans operate at lower speeds during the winter months to push down heat trapped at the ceiling—without creating a draft—to leave customers feeling comfortable no matter the temperature. During the summer months, the fans are cranked up to create a 10°F (5.6°C) cooling effect that allows thermostat setpoints to be raised and offering significant energy savings.

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