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Case Study: CrossFit Maximus North Ashland

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The lights are above and beyond. They're very bright, in a good way, and they turn on and off on their own. We used to have dark corners. Now our maintenance crew can see better, and that makes it a cleaner space. Dex Hopkins, Manager and Trainer

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CrossFit is a fitness program that takes gung-ho to a whole new level. Founded in 2000, it attracts people who like to push each other to get in shape while “sweating up a storm to loud music and just having a good time,” said Dex Hopkins, manager and trainer at CrossFit Maximus North Ashland in Lexington, Kentucky. The sweat comes especially fast in areas with hot and humid summers. Maximus’ first city location went for several uncomfortable years before installing Big Ass Fans. When it came time to open a second in-town site, the owners knew they didn’t want to suffer like that again.


CrossFit Maximus installed a 14-ft (4.3-m) Powerfoil®X2.0, and a 60-in (1.5-m) Haiku in the lobby; a Black Jack® rolls wherever it’s needed. “They make a huge difference,” Hopkins said. “There’s always a steady breeze. The members really appreciate them, and the fans help dry up the floor too.” And how about the Black Jack? “I love that fan,” he says. “We set it at one end and wind-tunnel the air down.” The center also upgraded to Big Ass LEDs with motion sensors, a huge improvement over noisy old metal halides. “The old lights gave you a headache. These are great.”

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