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Case Study: Cook Canyon Ranch Aviation

The installers went way above and beyond. It was the little extra that made a huge difference for us. Darrell Miller, Aviation Manager

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Powerfoil X Series


Aircraft technicians at Dallas-area Cook Canyon Ranch Aviation needed a way to keep cool in the summer heat.


Technicians no longer dread the approaching summer temperatures, as a 24-ft. (7.3m) diameter Big Ass Fan® works hand-in-hand with the hangar’s air conditioning. Engineered to effectively circulate air in any environment, large diameter, low speed fans move the air slowly, creating quiet, low speed, non-turbulent airflow. The upturned Plus winglets are ideal for hangars, creating an air pattern that produces both a vertical and horizontal air movement around large obstructions, such as parked aircraft. “We do have air conditioners, but the fan keeps the airflow moving and really helps out a lot,” said Darrell Miller, aviation manager at Cook Canyon Ranch Aviation. “Its quietness is just spectacular.”

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