Chicago, IL

Case Study: Chicago Indoor Sports

I wanted the latest and greatest. The new fans are a big improvement. You can feel a breeze now not only on the fields, but walking between them as well. I'd say it's a 20 to 30% difference. The installers understood the challenges of our facility and did a great job. Mike Widell, Owner

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Powerfoil X Series


Chicago Indoor Sports Owner Mike Widell wanted to stay on top of the latest in Big Ass Fan® technology. Widell installed four Big Ass Fans to make soccer players more comfortable and improve winter heating efficiency in the non-air conditioned facility, but new innovations offered improved performance and extended warranties.


Widell took advantage of Big Ass Fans’ aftermarket Trade-In Program, swapping his four older fans for newer models at a reduced price. The Powerfoil®X2.0 fans feature a 28% improvement in airflow and offer a 15-year warranty with factory-certified installation to keep the comfort flowing season after season.

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