Tulum, Mexico

Case Study: Casa Xixim

Haiku was an investment well worth making. Having that airflow in the house keeps it cooler and helps wick moisture away faster. When we have guests, the fans are on 24/7. We're super happy. Dave Blizard, Co-Founder

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Casa Xixim, a private beachfront villa in Tulum, Mexico, boasts gorgeous ocean views, sleek modern architecture and a commitment to sustainability. Co-founder Dave Blizard sought to build a facility with a negligible ecological footprint and sees Casa Xixim as the antithesis of the massive, energy-hogging hotels that populate the region. The villa’s architects at Specht Harpman favored an open-air layout that utilizes louvered windows and minimal air conditioning for controlling guest comfort; however, to maximize energy efficiency in Tulum’s hot, humid climate, they knew that substantial air movement was a must.


As part of Casa Xixim’s “ecoluxe” design, Specht Harpman installed Haiku® by Big Ass Fans® in the villa’s bedrooms and living spaces. The sleek ceiling fans provide gentle, consistent air circulation throughout the spaces, cooling guests, decreasing moisture in the air and greatly reducing the A/C workload. The Haiku fans’ outdoor- rated composite finish also easily withstands Tulum’s demanding climate and serves as the perfect complement to Casa Xixim’s modern aesthetics. Most importantly, Haiku helps Casa Xixim aggressively pursue its energy- efficiency goals. “We want to make every kilowatt count,” said Blizard, “so Haiku was the obvious choice.”

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