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Case Study: Bullitt Center

Haiku fans move a lot of air for a low amount of power. They were recommended for the building because they improve comfort and help meet the strict efficiency guides set for tenants. The Haiku fans are great at controlling the thermal environment without having a traditional full cooling system in place. Justin Stenkamp, associate, PAE Consulting Engineers

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The six-story Bullitt Center, located in Seattle, WA, is hailed as the world’s greenest office building and was designed to meet the ambitious goals of the Living Building Challenge, a rigorous one-year certification process which requires both water and energy self-sufficiency, along with a myriad of other requirements.


To adhere to a strict energy budget, building tenants have turned to efficient products such as the Haiku® ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans. Haiku’s sleek modern look conceals patent-pending electronics and a cool-running motor with an integrated inverter drive that delivers an 80% improvement in energy efficiency over conventional ceiling fans. ENERGY STAR® named Haiku Most Efficient ceiling fan for 5 years running, making it a clear choice for tenants in the Bullitt Center.

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