Charleston, SC

Case Study: Buist Academy For Advanced Studies

Our Big Ass Fans do a great job. Just two Essence fans cool the large area. Without them, we'd need 10 to 12 small fans. They do a great job! Bryan Smith, Assistant Principal

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Recent renovations at the Buist Academy for Advanced Studies in Charleston, South Carolina, doubled the school’s size but created heating and cooling problems. One of the most troubling spaces was the cafeteria with its high ceilings and enormous windows. In summer, frequently opened doors and those large windows invited in heat and humidity, creating a stagnant feeling. In winter, warm air from the heating system collected uselessly near the top of the ceiling, leaving students chilly.


The school installed two Essence® fans by Big Ass Fans® in the cafeteria to keep students and adults comfortable in the space. According to Bryan Smith, assistant principal, the fans are doing the job well, no matter the semester. “Early in the school year, the sun just beats in on that room, but the fans do a great job of circulating cool air from the A/C system. When it gets cold, the fans push warm air down to make the space comfortable. They definitely work year-round.”

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