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Case Study: British Airways Hangar 6

Big Ass Fans has been one of the success stories of the hangar refurbishment program! The hangar heating system has actually throttled back as it is sensing that it has got the hangar to a comfortable temperature - [we] didn't even know that the heaters had that functionality. Mike Keely, Gatwick Support Manager

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Temperature gradients of 18 to 20°F (approximately 10°C) between the floor and mezzanine during the heating season created uncomfortable and inconsistent temperatures at each level. Through a corporate initiative to address working environments and sustainability, British Airways teamed with their facility management group, Emcor UK, to explore solutions for Hangar 6.


Hangar 6 installed five 24-ft. (7.3m) Big Ass Fans®. Thanks to Big Ass Fans, increased air circulation has helped create a comfortable working environment year-round, a novelty in this facility. Additionally, during the first four months of winter operation, Emcor UK/British Airways was able to cut energy consumption in Hangar 6 by over two million kilowatt hours, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of this facility and saving over $114,000 USD (£70,000) in the process.

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