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Case Study: Brampton Brick

The brick is very dusty, can be very hot and sometimes very cold. Big Ass LEDs stand up to all those conditions and then some. Brad Duke, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing

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Brampton Brick is one of the largest brick manufacturers in North America. The company turns out more than 300 million bricks a year from its huge facility in Ontario, where material is brought in, broken down, molded into bricks and put in carts that roll through the kilns, 24/7. Machines do much of the work, but people monitor them, and old metal-halide lights were making their jobs harder. Areas were dimly lit, and the high temperatures and presence of the kilns — installed after the lights — made maintenance nearly impossible.


After testing various options, Brampton Brick chose Big Ass Light™ High Bay LEDs for the 400,000-sq-ft (37,200-sq-m) facility. With design assistance from Big Ass engineers, about 300 fixtures were installed at a uniform height, despite the arched ceiling. Senior VP Brad Duke says the LEDs have improved both morale and quality control, as flaws in the bricks are easier to see. Rebates dramatically reduced Brampton Brick’s expenses, and the LEDs’ durability means years of worry-free use, during which time Brampton Brick expects to see energy savings of about $250,000 annually.

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