Lexington, KY

Case Study: Blue Stallion Brewing Co.

The Essence fan is perfect for our brewery. It pushes down hot air from the ceiling to keep our customers warm at ground level, and it looks great, too. Jim Clemons, Operations Manager

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Blue Stallion Brewing Co., a brewery and bar in Lexington, Ky., specializes in traditional brewing techniques using copper brew tanks, fermenters and brew kettles. Its array of large brew tanks make a statement to customers: “We know beer.” But in wintertime, the cold air in the large brewery made the adjacent bar uncomfortable for patrons and brewers alike. Blue Stallion needed to keep customers warm while they enjoyed their cold brews, so the craft brewers turned to Big Ass Fans® for a refreshing solution.


Blue Stallion installed the efficient and powerful Essence® fan, so the entire warehouse space feels cozy year round. During colder months, the fan is slowed to gently push warm air trapped at the ceiling down to occupant level. In the summer, the fans create a 10°F (5.6°C) cooling effect without causing a disturbing draft. Now, in both hot and chilly weather, customers feel comfortable while sipping their cold lagers and ales.

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