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Case Study: Problems Solved at Queensland Auto Body Shop

Both the fans and lights do what they’re meant to. They’re a definite cure to the two main problems most industrial facilities face – air movement and lighting. Kip Kippen, Owner of Bissell’s Paint & Panel

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Located in the sunshine state of Queensland, Bissell’s Paint & Panel shop recognised the need for serious air movement in its new purpose-built facility. Owner Kip Kippen wanted to make sure his auto-body repair centre was safe and comfortable, even during periods of soaring QLD temperatures. In his previous facility, the use of noisy, directional floor fans had caused problems of blowing dust everywhere, in addition to ineffective cooling.


Feeling was believing for Kip. He decided Big Ass Fans were the best solution after seeing a large-diameter Big Ass Fan in person and feeling the airflow for himself. “The total air movement from a Big Ass Fan was way better than other fans I’d seen,” says Kip. “Normal fans create directional movement, whereas the Big Ass Fan provided massive air movement that was making the entire shop feel much cooler.” He also liked how effective the fan was while running on low speeds.

With the installation of three Big Ass Fans of his own, Kip rests easy, knowing his workers are safe and more productive. “Comfortable workers make the best workers, as they aren’t constantly stressing about the heat or the annoying paint fumes,” says Kip. “We like air circulation at all times, so we keep the fans on year round and don’t ever get the buildup of fumes that most auto shops have.”

Kip also incorporated 13 High Bay Big Ass Light fixtures into his facility. “They had the best quality, with great output and low energy use,” says Kip. “The LEDs guarantee we are providing top quality service, as we can notice any little defect or issue needing rectification.”

Kip is thrilled to now have a cooler, brighter and more efficient shop.

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