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Case Study: Atlas Machine & Supply

  • Atlas Machine Supply with High Bay Lights
From day one, the Big Ass Light fixtures improved our employees' ability to read precise measurements. They provide a tremendous amount of light and have been a huge hit since we put them in. Erik Lawson, Director of Environmental Health & Safety

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The 75 machinists at Atlas Machine & Supply struggled to read detailed technical drawings under standard fluorescent lights in their Louisville, Kentucky warehouse. The fixtures lit the 20- to 30-ft (6.1- to 9.1-m) ceiling and the tops of equipment, but employees at the floor level were left in the dark. The lack of light, coupled with the fact that fluorescents require regular replacement of bulbs and ballasts, sent mangers searching for a solution to save time and money.


Experts from Big Ass Light™ created a custom lighting layout for the 86,000-sq-ft (26,213-sq-m) facility, fine-tuning the design to illuminate every inch of the space. The new Big Ass High Bay LED fixtures provide bright, clear light all the way to the floor. Foot-candle levels—the measure of usable light in a space—have increased by 100%, doubling the amount of light in the space, improving employees’ attention to detail and increasing productivity.

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