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Case Study: Arrillaga Center for Sports & Recreation

The airflow complements all of the programs we hold in our rec center, whether those are classes, clubs, camps or open recreation. Eric Stein, Associate Director of Athletics

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At Stanford University’s Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation, stuffy air often dismayed students from fully using the facility. However, conditioning the center’s three full-size basketball courts and its fully matted yoga and martial arts studio would be difficult and cost- prohibitive. Noisy, inefficient pedestal fans did not effectively move enough air to keep the space comfortable for students, and without proper air circulation, the atmosphere of the recreation center was hot and uninviting. To get students into the gym, Stanford knew it had to increase comfort without splurging on costly HVAC upgrades.


Big Ass Fans® replaced the inefficient pedestal fans that took up valuable floor space wit h three 20-foot fans and one 18-foot fan. The energy-efficient, slow turning fans effectively cool the facility’s gymnasium and yoga studio. Powerfoil’s patented airfoils distribute gentle columns of air over large spaces, creating cooling breezes with minimal noise. “Our Big Ass Fans are completely silent — there’s no comparison with smaller fan,” said Eric Stein, an associate director of athletics, physical education, recreation and wellness. The fans have eliminated the stagnant air that made Arrillaga uncomfortable for students.

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