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Case Study: American Airlines (DFW)

  • American Airlines with High Bay LEDs
  • American Airlines with High Bay LEDs
In 37 years of engineering and construction management, I’ve never seen a product like the Big Ass Light fixtures — they’re exactly what this space needed. What’s even better is Big Ass Light is a single-source company — they design, build and install their products so you only deal with them instead of a series of contractors. Bruce Aycock, Senior Manager of Facilities Engineering

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High Bay Light/High Powered Fixture


The inefficient metal halide lights at American Airlines’ Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) hangar didn’t put out enough light for the massive space, and required constant maintenance. With the hangar’s high ceilings, replacing light bulbs was costly, cumbersome and time-consuming. Managers knew they needed a lighting product change that would provide more light for less cost.


American Airlines’ head engineers and aviation experts were impressed with the Big Ass Light™ High Bay LED fixtures, which are rated to last for decades and are precision-engineered to meet the demands of tough environments, like the Texas hangar. Even better, in the DFW hangar alone, the High Bay LED fixtures are expected to save $115,000 annually in energy costs when compared to metal halides.

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