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Case Study: Allagash Brewing

We're very curious and we value quality - it's what defines our brand. We heard Big Ass Fans is the same way, so we took a leap of faith; it has paid off immensely. Employees are more comfortable and focused, and our re-fermentation process is now effortless. Sean Diffley, Plant Engineer

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Crafting beer is a painstaking process. Allagash Brewing Co. re-ferments Allagash White, its most popular brew, by storing it at precisely 72°F (22.2°C) for 10 days. However, in the company’s old warehouse, poor air circulation made some areas too hot or too cold, requiring constant testing and moving of pallets to keep the beer from going bad. The bottling and kegging lines also suffered from a lack of air circulation. Employees were hot and uncomfortable, especially around the scalding steam vessels used to sterilize kegs.


Two new 18-ft (5.5m) Powerfoil®X2.0 fans by Big Ass Fans® installed in the warehouse create uniform temperatures and improve the re-fermenting process. On the production line, Allagash installed an air conditioner for comfort, but turned to two more fans to distribute chilled air instead of a maze of ductwork. They were so satisfied with the Big Ass® quality and service, they bought Big Ass Light™ industrial LEDs, too. The energy-efficient fixtures produce more than enough light to impress employees and tour-goers.

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