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Case Study: Accurate Gauge & Manufacturing

The Big Ass Lights are tools, not toys. They are industrial grade, they are efficient and they are going to save money. Every one of these factors was just further confirmation that Big Ass Light was a great choice. Mark Tario, Engineering and Safety Manager

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Based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Accurate Gauge and Manufacturing is the dominant source for semi-truck carrier mountings. “If it goes on a semi-truck axle, there’s an 80 percent chance we make it,” Engineering and Safety manager Mark Tario said. As an industry leader, the company’s manufacturing facilities are in nearly constant use, and utility bills quickly add up. To reduce energy consumption, management sought a long-term, cost-effective replacement for their inefficient metal halide lights, which were not only a huge energy suck, but also provided this first-rate company with sub-par lighting.


The company switched to 67 High Bay LEDs by Big Ass Light®. “We’d already cut the check for a lighting upgrade from another vendor, but hit the brakes as soon as we heard about Big Ass Light,” Tario said. “It was significantly more durable, technologically current, easily cleaned, built in the U.S. and featured a 7-year warranty. Everything just added up.” Not only have the LEDs improved lighting in the 40,000-sq-ft (3,716-sq-m) space, they’ve also brought wattage down from 435 watts per light to just 195 — an estimated $9,000 a year in energy savings.

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