Big Ass Careers

Work Hard, Play Hard

We subscribe to the “work hard, play hard” philosophy, and it serves us well. It’s our diverse mix of employees that creates our unique culture.

It takes a certain personality to proudly declare, “I work at a company called Big Ass Fans.” And that’s exactly the kind of person who excels here. Whether you’re an engineer, an English major, a sales expert, production specialist, IT geek, marketing wunderkind, have a knack for talking to customers or are just plain smart – if you fit here, we have something for you. Part of the beauty of working at Big Ass Fans is that you’re not stuck in the same position forever. We want you to succeed in a fulfilling career that optimizes your talents, and we allow you the opportunity to discover what that may be. We don’t believe you’re defined by your college major, and if you didn’t go to college, we don’t believe that defines you either.

When you get down to it, we’re a serious company, designing, engineering, marketing and selling a serious product (and having some fun while we’re doing it). Check out our current job openings to see if BAF is in your future.