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Big Ass Fans makes the world’s most advanced airflow products, but the hard work doesn’t end there. With expert support and custom tools like our SpecLab™ airflow analysis, we ensure your next project is a success.

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Our proprietary CFD software shows you a 3D visualization of our fans’ performance in your space.

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Fans of sustainability

“Haiku Ceiling Fans use a very small amount of electricity to run and generate air movement to create a cooling effect without needing to change the temperature of the space. They can also be used in winter where they push the warmer air (which naturally rises up to the ceiling) back down to where the occupants are at floor level. When used in conjunction with passive design principles they can remove the need for active heating/cooling systems such as air conditioning which consume large amounts of energy.”

Chris Freeburn, Ironbark Architects

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