March 8, 2018


Big Ass Fans are everywhere, from factories to restaurants to retail stores. More than 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies use them — most consumer goods sold in the U.S. were built, bagged, boxed or bought under a Big Ass Fan.

But one market in particular enjoys a number of unique benefits. More gyms and fitness centers are turning to Big Ass Fans for cooling airflow and energy savings, especially in the world of CrossFit, currently the most popular fitness regimen in the nation.

Many CrossFit gyms are housed in disused, unairconditioned warehouses, and Big Ass Fans provide cooling airflow to members. But that’s hardly the only benefit — here are a few reasons Big Ass Fans and fitness centers complement each other so well:

Improved Workouts

Some hardcore fitness buffs wrongly think fans hinder workouts by “reducing sweat.” However, Rich Froning Jr., a CrossFit celebrity dubbed “the Fittest Man on Earth,” has something to say about that.

“You’re still going to sweat just as much with a fan,” said Froning, who uses two Big Ass Fans at CrossFit Mayhem, his gym in Cookeville, Tennessee. “The airflow from Big Ass Fans just helps evaporate the sweat quicker.”

This is the body’s basic cooling mechanism at work. By evaporating sweat, the airflow from Big Ass Fans carries away excess body heat, which delays the onset of exhaustion-like symptoms. It also helps gym members get a grip.

“I literally got so sweaty that I couldn’t hold onto a barbell or the rower,” he said. “And if it’s inhibiting my training, I need the Big Ass Fan. I’ve got to have it.”

Reduced Energy Use

Heating and air conditioning account for about 40 percent of energy use in commercial spaces, which adds up quickly. Just ask the owner of Gladiators Academy of Lafayette, Louisiana, which was struggling to keep its members cool during the brutal summer months. Energy bills were running close to $3,000 a month with A/C alone. However, when the martial arts academy installed a 14-ft Big Ass Fan, the owner was able to raise the thermostat 8°F without sacrificing comfort.

“Last June, my power bill was $2,700,” said Tim Credeur, owner and head instructor. “This June, my bill was only $880. When I saw that, my jaw dropped.”

Big Ass Fans can also save energy in the winter by distributing heated air. Credeur says that in one year, Big Ass Fans saved him almost $12,000 on HVAC energy costs.

Better Branding

Big Ass Fans are more than just a tool  — they are a personal message to customers that says “We care about your comfort.” A number of gyms take it one step further, customizing their fans with brand logos or colors, and incorporating them as a major pillar of their overall guest experience.

Planet Fitness is one such customer. Big Ass Fans powder-coats all Planet Fitness fans in the gym’s traditional purple and yellow color scheme. Edge Fitness, with 13 locations across the state of Connecticut, is another. Each Edge fan features wingtips, airfoils and motor housings painted in the company’s signature red.

“They’re customized in our colors and serve as a brand element for us,” Edge president Vinny Sansone said. “Thanks to the Big Ass Fans, people definitely look forward to coming in our clubs.”


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